Secure pre-sales projects in different areas of the region 22 tehran iran

Secure pre-sales projects in different areas of the region 22 tehran iran
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(Investing in Iran’s Tourism Pillar (District 22 of Tehran

In this article we will have a look at the pre-sales ahead of the region 22 about locations . In the last few days in different time I faced with this questions which are there excellent and safe projects in one region or they have been scattered across different regions of the region 22 . If it is true, Which areas and projects are there? Accordingly I wanted to explain in some articles.

That is, around the lake of the Persian Gulf and between the Square Moj and the Sahel.

What is certain is the centrality of the Persian Gulf in the region 22. In such a way that all the well-known towers in the area, which once had secure and proper sales, They are built around the lake and currently, the towers represent the region 22.The tower of Parsia,Erfan,Amin,Sayad,Asman,Ghaem,Ahrar, Farvardin,Bleryan,Ezadyar,Khayam… that are near    to Persian Gulf lake .Of course that the towers that I mentioned are all built and residential. Except the above towers have a lot of office administrative projects there are also those that are made, such as the Aftab or are under construction that are pre-sales Like Artemis, located on the north coast of the lake with eternal vision, Lexington Tower on the East Coast with eternal vision Mellat Project 2, located next to the sun complex called the Mall Mall and other names such as Iirana, Yas 3, Golestan Khayyam faculty, etc., which are commercial pre-sales projects. But pre-sales residential projects around the lake are our main concern in the area around the lake from the Moj field to the Sahel and the lake square to the Tabiat boulevard which make up almost a coastline. This is also due to the centrality of the lake, and that many pre-sales projects have begun in the past few years, they have completed their work and are now considered to be habitable towers from which I called them.

But residential projects are pre-sales around the lake

Eizadyar third project Izadiar cooperative is one of the most well-known builders in the region, which has recorded phases 2 and 2 of the Izadiar project in its work. And to this day, Izadiar units are among the best and most sought after units in the region. Phase3 is in the 3 form the 22-story tower near the wave of the wave is under construction and all units are 252 meters and 3 bedrooms are delivered to one and a half future. The cost of the finished product is 3 million Tomans. Sepanir Tower 21st floor commercial tower, residential Sahel owned by the oil company is being built by Sepanir Cooperative and in the thin layer of work. 3   floors downstairs, parking, lobby and commercial are at a height of 7 meters and 25 upper floors belong to residential units. The entire structure of the tower is half-circle and Located on the northern side of the Sahel square. The units are 222 meters south with full lake view and north units 221 meters with full view of the mountain. The 23rd floor belongs to the 3-bedroom units of 215m and classes 21 and 25 also form 1 unit122m duplex unit. Delivery of tower Sahel between tower 1 to 22 it will be 61 years and all members of the floor and have chosen their unit. The price of residential units in the tower of the Sahel is depending on the class and the direction from them is from 3 to 3.1 million Toman.

Pasargad Tower

The 21st floor  Tower of Pasargad is located between the Sahel and  Daryache square that completes the final stages of construction and under one year of delivery is away. The area of the units starts at 222 meters up to 232 meters and the price is over based on each meter of useful construction 2.1 to 3.5 million Tomans  depending on the class and direction of the units fluctuates.

۱۲farvardin tower

Sokna Sahel  company delivered the 22 Farvardi towers, where there were no residential projects in the first ring of the lake. All 22 Farvardin units 227 meters and 3-bedroom apartments with excellent facilities and materials. The whole project is located on the east coast of the lake and unit prices are between 3.5 and 1.1 million tomans. This project belongs to the IRGC’s law enforcement personnel and it is one of the most beautiful projects in the region.

Labkhand Tower

It is one of the few self-made regional projects that are highly luxurious and engineered with a full range of foreign and branded materials. it has recently been completed at 21 floors that there are 3 commercial floors, parking and a lobby and 25 floors top all is a type and are residential in size 110,222,221,223,271, that some have lake views and some have mountain views. Unlike co-opment units, all the Labkhand tower units with cabinets and wall closets utilities and gas and telephone and central satellite. All floors have private lobbies and the green roof tower has a private patio. The price of the smiley tower unit from the base of 1 million Tomans for every meters for in front of lake and 5.5 million Tomans back to the lake, each floor has a 3% coefficient of the floors.

Sadaf Towers

The 22-storey shells of the tent belong to the Cooperative Bus Company of the Unitary Enterprise, which is in the form of

Two towers were working together in the final stages and will eventually be delivered by 91 of Ordibehesht. The 3 primary and 3 floor floors are222  to 232 meters and the middle classes 1 to 27 form the units of 62 to 65 meters have 2-bedroom that’s all brigade and shape. The Sadaf  towers are located a bit after the end of the western car park and the Tabiat boulevard, and all the members have chosen the unit and the class and direction of the units are clear. The average price of Sadaf tower units ranged from 3.2 million Tomans for every meters in the lower floors to 1.7 million Tomans for every  meters in the upper floors with eternal lake views.

Afra Tower

The commercial, residential, and administrative tower of the Afra is located right behind the Labkhand tower and is being constructed by the JHA State Police border guard housing cooperative, which will be delivered in 1397. Its ground floor is commercial and comprises the first 22 first floor office and the 22 upper floors, including residential units. All units have a specific class and direction, and the cost of the building is based on a useful building of 3.5 million Tomans for every meters.

To the projects in the above area, we can add other names, such as Jam Jam  and Seda sima  project, which is not available due to their lack of buying and selling in the market. In the next article, we will discuss pre-sales projects in the western part of the lake, which are of great importance in the region of22, after the central part and surrounding the lake.

Writer : Bozorgmeher Kiani

Translator: Behrooz Mohammadmoradi

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